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The Online Shopping Experience

What is moolah?

moolah is the easiest way to find out if online stores owe you a refund. We monitor your online purchase receipts, track price adjustments at over 100 partner stores, and automatically send you all your eligible refunds. moolah will make sure you’re never overpaying, so you can always be confident you’re getting the most out of your money.

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Meet Our Team

We believe in saving you money so you can do more.

Our work is driven by a passion for getting the most out of life, and that spirit has been a part of our story from the very beginning.

Ken Lian


A serial entrepreneur who has worked with Honey as Director of Business Development and Growth, and has had two company exits in future trading. As the founder and CEO of Moolah Science, Ken is listed as AACYF 30 under 30.

Fun Fact:
Ken has biked across the country by tandem bike! 🚴

Richard Francia


Seasoned technology leader with experience in running tech teams, and Fortune 100 companies alike. Richard worked as one of the early engineers that built the systems powering the keyword pay-per-placement search service that eventually became the basis of Google's AdWords business.

Fun Fact:
His Go-to order from Panda Express is Half and Half (Half Fried Rice and Half Chow Mein) with Eggplant Tofu and Beijing Beef! 🍲🍴

Shengda Ding

Senior Software Engineer

Possesses extensive knowledge on full-stack software development by complex algorithms. Formerly Senior Software Engineer at Oracle.

Fun Fact: Starts off his morning by taking a quick swim! 🏊

Miguel Caraballo

Chief Architect

20+ years of experience in designing and developing next gen systems and API services.

Fun Fact: Miguel owns a pet HUSKY. His name is Cosmo! 🐕

Ron Yao

Project Manager

Business development veteran with a heavy focus on team operation.

Fun Fact: A gym rat. He is looking to enter his 1st competition next year! 🏋️

Andria Chek

Community Manager

Opinion leader for social media platforms and digital marketing content with a focus on team operations and customer success.

Fun Fact: Big coffee drinker. Takes her coffee BLACK. ☕

Ken's Favorite Refund

"A mom sent us an e-mail telling us that we were able to help her get a $14 refund on a Minion Toy Plush. With that saved money, she was able to buy another toy for her kids.

Stories like this one encourages me because it means we are doing something meaningful, delivering happiness."