How to Recover from Holiday Spending

By January 16, 2018Holiday Season

It happens every year. The holidays end, the endorphins diminish, and we are left with the harsh reality of just how much we’ve spent on parties, gifts, and get-togethers. Don’t worry! We’re here to let you know how you can recover from holiday spending to start the year off right.

Take a Look at Price Match Policies

While you’ve already spent the money and given the gift, there’s still a way to earn cash back on the purchases you made over the holiday season. Try taking a look at some of the major retailers’ price match policies, which are essentially refunds given within a specified timeframe if you didn’t find the cheapest price of an item the first time around and the price drops.

Target Price Match Policy

The Target price adjustment policy is referred to as “Target price match guarantee,” and while you have to submit a request for the refund within fourteen days, Target is great in that they match the price of a qualifying item whether you find it online at a competitor’s website, in a competitor’s print ad or on

Target’s policy is similar to other major retailers, so if you couldn’t find the best price, or the price dropped, you’re eligible for a refund on the difference between the two. To take advantage of this policy, you’ll need to compare Target prices your own, or sign up for a price match tool (explained below!).

Does Walmart Price Match?

Yes, and it’s easy to do! You can browse online at Walmart to compare prices, but the Walmart Low Price Guarantee ensures that you’ll be entitled to the best price. The Walmart price match policy is one of the best around, as they will match competitor prices that can only be purchased with preferred or member cards.

Even better, they honor “buy one get one free” offers and will match prices on any competitor’s ad, no matter where you saw it. Did you buy in bulk in preparation for a holiday party or family get-together? Great news! The Walmart Low Price Guarantee applies to items purchased in bulk online as well.

Return Unwanted Holiday Items

Didn’t like something you received or bought? That’s okay, you can most likely return it! If the item you purchased, or were gifted, was bought on Amazon (as many items are nowadays), the easiest way to figure out how to return Amazon items is to access their Amazon Return and Refunds page.

While the Amazon Prime return policy is great, it isn’t “officially” a price match program and doesn’t always work for price match deals. However, if you’re logged into your account, you can add the order to a refund request if you’re trying to claim a price match. Simply select the “Other Return or Refund Issue” option and then type “price change” or “partial refund” into the summary.

The general Amazon refund policy is set up so that an item you purchased, including something you purchased as part of Warehouse Deals, can be returned within 30 days of the receipt of shipment in most cases.

Utilize a Price Match Tool

There’s no easier way to recover from the holidays than by signing up for a price match tool.

Check out the moolah app to take advantage of the price protection benefits we’ve mentioned above. Instead of having to track your purchases and find the lowest price, moolah will actively keep track of your receipts and match prices for you. When the price of something drops, we’ll start processing your refund to get you cash back.