What to do with Online Shopping Boxes after the Holidays

By January 10, 2018Holiday Season

Now that the holidays are over, there’s a good chance you’ve got a surplus of boxes lying around the house. Rather than becoming a nuisance, these boxes can be put to good use in ways that make your life easier, help others in need, and even save you some money! Read on to learn what to do with online shopping boxes after the holidays.

Return Items Ordered Online

If you received any gifts this year that you would rather return for their cash value, using boxes you already have is a great way to get that refund without having to buy additional materials.

Amazon is one of the most popular places to buy gifts from – and return gifts to – after the holidays. If you need to return items purchased from Amazon, simply navigate to Amazon’s Return Center, where they’ll walk you through the return process step-by-step, which includes attaching a return label to your Amazon box and shipping it in the mail.

You can also return items to Amazon via Amazon Drop Off. To do this, simply indicate that you’d like to return the gift via Amazon Locker during the return process, and Amazon will assist you in doing so by providing you with information on what to do and where the nearest Amazon Locker is to you. Keep in mind that packages returned via Amazon Locker must be smaller than 18x14x12 inches.

Use Spare Boxes for Storage

Spare online shopping boxes left over from the holidays can be repurposed into useful storage containers. Larger boxes are ideal for storing decorations and other items in your basement or a storage space. Medium and small boxes can be repurposed for food storage in your pantry, or crafted into office supplies such as an inbox or filing system. To give the boxes a decorative flair, try lining them with fabric or decorating the outside with crafting supplies.

Other Projects

In addition to decorating your leftover boxes to reuse them as stylish decor, you can repurposes them in other creative ways as well. One idea is to save large boxes to use a floor protectors for the next time you paint, or lay them under your car next time you’re doing work on it to protect your driveway from grease stains.

One last crafting idea is to turn your cardboard boxes into planters by lining them with plastic and poking holes in the bottom so that water can drain. Finish up by decorating the outside, then fill the box with soil and plants and place it in a well-lit location.

Charitable Donations

Leftover shopping boxes can also be used to donate to charity through organizations such as GiveBackBox.com. Organizations such as this allow you to fill your boxes with goods that are suitable for donation, such as old clothes or canned goods, and mail them for free to charities like Goodwill. Make sure to keep track of the value of the items you ship, as you may be able to include the donation as a tax write-off, saving you money. Consult your tax professional to see if this is true in your case.

Post-Holiday Price Drops

Oftentimes, prices will drop on certain items after the holidays. This is great news for shoppers like you who could be eligible for price-adjustment refunds.

To see if you qualify for refunds, create a free Moolah account. Once you do, you can link Moolah to your credit cards and let it do what it does best – automatically track your purchases for price adjustment opportunities in order to help you put your hard-earned money back into your pocket!