Moolah Monthly Savings Report: What to Buy in January

By December 29, 2017Holiday Season, Price Match

January marks the end of the end-of-year spending season, and with it the peak of prices that many items cost in November and December. Knowing general retail pricing trends will help you find the best price for certain products in the first month of the year.

Types of Items on Sale

The best price for items are often those that are sold at the end of that product’s general shopping season. If you are willing to wait to use a product until next year or use items that may be a season out of style, you will generally be able to find the lowest price of these items.

Below are some of the major categories that you will find the best deals on in January.

Fitness Equipment and Gym Memberships

Many people’s New Year’s resolutions focus heavily on health goals, and retailers and health clubs take advantage of that trend. Gym memberships and initiation fees as well as home fitness equipment are heavily discounted in January.


Clothing, especially winter clothing, will be on sale in January, as most people have purchased their winter outfits for the season and stores will need to make room for spring’s new styles.


Linens are usually at their cheapest in January due to what are known as “white sales”. Most retailers also discount all bedding and towels at the same time.


Furniture companies usually release new styles at the beginning of the year, meaning they put their old styles on sale in January to make room for new designs.

Video games

The biggest video games often come out during the holiday season and usually go on sale right after Christmas is over.

Holiday decorations

Unsurprisingly, holiday lights and other decorations are heavily discounted after the holiday season is over. Decorations are generally a good idea to pick up if you need more, as trends are unlikely to change much by next year.

Home theater systems

TV deals tend to be best on Black Friday, but if you don’t want to wait until then, retailers also discount TVs and other home theater accessories in January, in anticipation of February’s Super Bowl.


With people staying home after the holidays, hotels tend to drop their rates, sometimes dramatically, in January. Airline tickets are often high if purchased at the last minute, but booking a hotel within driving distance can be a great deal.

Getting the Best Deal on your January Purchases

Knowing how to find the cheapest price of an item involves both doing comparison shopping and protecting your purchase from later price decreases.

Using a Low Price Finder

There are many reputable websites to search for the lowest price of the product you are considering. Some of the major comparison sites are Google Shopping and NexTag. also has listings to show the prices that sellers in its marketplace are charging, as well as items that are very similar, if not identical.

Almost all major retailers will match prices with their competitors, if you can provide an official advertisement or product listing. You might want to look for an opportunity to price match if you have a preferred retailer you would like to use.

Price Protection

Many retailers also offer reimbursements for a price drop on any item you have purchased if the price decrease occurs within a certain time frame. As long as you meet the requirements to qualify for a price refund, you will earn cash back on the difference between what you paid and what the product now costs.

However, it can be time-consuming to keep track of all your purchases. Moolah is an excellent service to protect your purchases effortlessly by automatically requesting refunds when prices decrease on items you have purchased.