How to Make a Bedroom Look Nice for Cheap

By November 13, 2018Savings

The average person spends just over $2,000 on their bedroom furniture and accessories. While that might seem justified when redoing a room completely, there are ways to avoid spending so much while still getting the same results. You’ll want to first decide on what you want to change and then set a budget for all of the changes you wish to make. Look for inspiration, pick a theme and then try to make as many DIY changes as you can. Then, you’ll be ready to decorate your bedroom on a budget in a stylish yet luxurious way.


Where to Buy Cheap Home Decor

Online shopping is great as it saves you time and money while also allowing you to compare prices before making a purchase. Understanding where to get the best deals on home decor is crucial in making a bedroom look nice on a budget. H&M, for example, offers free shipping on orders over $40 and has a wide range of home decor items starting as low as $1.99. This is a great place to buy simple, yet elegant items that can work as accent pieces in your bedroom.

Target is another place to purchase modern home and bedroom items on the cheap. Their online shopping website offers a cool 360-degree option in which you can explore a complete shoppable room from every angle. Target décor prices start as low as 79 cents and shipping is free on orders over $25.


Take Advantage of Sales

With so many sales happening year-round at places like Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Target and other retailers that have cute yet budget-friendly interior design items, chances are that you’ll be able to snag a sale price any time of the year. If you are an IKEA rewards card holder, for example, they’ll honor a sale price for up to 90 days after the sale ends.

Most other major retailers have quarterly sales on top of their price adjustment policies that let you take advantage of price drops in order to receive a refund. It’s best to sign up for newsletters, rewards programs, or even for moolah to receive insider tips and insights into big sales that can save you lots of cash on a bedroom makeover.


Revamp Old Styles

Now that you know where and when to shop for home decor, you’ll want to be smart about how you redecorate. Simply investing in new bedding is an easy way to change the entire look of your bedroom and you can snag a good deal on Egyptian cotton bedding on Amazon for less than $35. To match the style of your new bedding without throwing away all of your bedroom accessories, try to change small details, such as the framing of your artwork and posters or even swapping out the hardware on your dresser or nightstand.

To tie the new design together, consider incorporating a rug that features a bold yet neutral color. If your room is large enough, you can add floor-to-ceiling curtains to add the illusion of extra space and complement solid-print curtains with a pattern valance, and vice versa. If you catch a special deal at Pottery Barn you can get these kinds of curtains for fairly cheap.


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