The Best Spring Break Deals Online in 2018

Spring break 2018 is coming up fast, and everybody is beginning to search for travel inspiration, tips and deals to make the most out of their first warm holiday of the year.

Take Advantage of Student Travel Discounts

If you’re currently enrolled in college, you’re eligible to receive a lot of discounts on pretty much everything, including spring break travel. STA Travel, for example, offers great student deals on trips and spring break vacations. They also offer discounts for travelers under 26, which is also common in some European countries for things such as metro tickets, museum entries, and more. If you plan to travel abroad this spring break, be sure to ask for student or youth discounts. You’ll be surprised at how much you might save!

Groupon Spring Break Deals

While most people turn to the site for discounted local experiences and gadgets, Groupon is also a great place to start your search for travel deals. Their spring break section offers an impressive list of discounted vacays in various categories like beach destinations, outdoor adventures and city spots to suit your style. Their search engine is great in that it offers you the ability to search by price range, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Travelzoo Travel Deals

The travel website has already negotiated deals for March and April, the two most popular months for spring break trips, so you don’t have to. Their options feature all-inclusive trips to make life easier for you, as well as options such a discounted tickets, museum entries, and experiences like a hot air balloon ride. Whether you’re looking for an already-planned trip or just want to piece together a few small things, Travel Zoo is a great place to start your search.

Airbnb vs. Hotel for Spring Break

When you’ve got everything else planned and it’s time to choose the accommodation, try giving Airbnb a look. Their 2018 US travel destination page is enticing and definitely adds a homey feel to a normal spring break getaway. The great thing about Airbnb is that their platform makes it easy to share the costs. Once you’ve booked a place, you can split the total with friends by adding them to the trip and connecting their emails. Airbnb will send an email to them requesting the payment and you’ll all be set to go. No cash exchange or “IOUs.”

Skyscanner Flight Deals for Spring Break Travel

As the break nears closer, be sure to keep an eye on travel deals through Skyscanner, where you can set up an email alert to be notified when the price of your desired flight goes up or down. This is great for anybody who already knows exactly where and when they’ll be traveling. Their 2018 spring break travel recommendations are based on the data received from recent searches and note that some of the most popular spring break travel destinations for 2018 are Cancun, Las Vegas, the Bahamas and Puerto Vallarta.

Earn Cash Back and Travel Points

Whether you’re looking for a local getaway close to home or want to adventure somewhere exotic like Thailand, Fiji or the Swiss Alps, there are travel deals galore that can help you see the world without spending all your money. To reap more benefits and save more cash, try signing up for a travel credit card that will allow you to receive points or miles that can be used for spring break travel and more.