Does Barnes & Noble Price Match?

Barnes & Noble, No. 54 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 1000, has seen e-commerce sales jump by over 4% in recent years due to the rising popularity of their online marketplace and e-books. This means that if you’re a fan of reading or know somebody who is, you’ll definitely want to check out these insider tips and tidbits into how you can score the best price on books and other Barnes & Noble items without ever having to brave the crowds at a big sale.


What is the Barnes & Noble Price Match Policy?

As more and more people turn towards e-readers as their main way to consume literature, bookstores such as Barnes & Noble have to work to compete with marketplaces and online publishers offering the same books at a discounted rate. Because Barnes & Noble works so hard to offer competitive pricing that is in line with the market, they don’t currently match the prices of their competitors. This means that, if you have already purchased an item, they won’t refund it for you if you find it for a lower price elsewhere. This is okay, though, because there are other ways to save big on books.

How Barnes & Nobles Provides Low Prices to Their Customers

Because they work with other smaller retailers and publishers, Barnes & Noble can provide low everyday prices to all of their customers. Due to the fact that Barnes & Noble is able to fill your order online using fewer expenses than it might cost them at one of their retail locations, they pass on those savings to their online customers, which is why you might sometimes find that you can get something for cheaper at

However, to balance out this discount and ensure that their physical locations, and the benefits of reading physical books, still thrive, they often also offer exclusive in-store promotions as well.

How to Get Exclusive Pricing and Discounts from Barnes & Noble

Similar to Amazon Prime, Barnes & Nobles offers a membership program with great discounts and deals. As a BN Member, you’ll gain access to exclusive pricing and special deals that apply to most items in Barnes & Noble stores, including books, bargain books, music, DVDs, Café items, children’s titles, calendars, Toys & Games, and more.

Just for signing up, you’ll receive $60 in coupons, and throughout your membership, you’ll receive 40% off any of their current hardcover Barnes & Noble Store Bestsellers and 10% off the Barnes & Noble sale price of other eligible items. If you plan to purchase a lot of items online, this is a great deal as the membership also provides you with access to free express shipping.

Unlocking Special Deals at Barnes & Noble

As recent as 2017, some loyal customers have reported that they were able to price match an online price with an in-store price, but noted that the ability to price match within Barnes & Noble was only made available to BN Members. If you find that you are still looking for a way to save on books, textbooks, music and more, you can utilize a price matching tool that will monitor price changes on all of the purchases you make, not just at Barnes & Noble.

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