4 Reasons to Avoid the Store and Black Friday Shop Online

By November 21, 2018Savings

The clock is ticking until the craze of Black Friday 2018 begins and it’s going to be a big one. Shoppers plan to spend $60 more on gifts this weekend compared to last year, and 78% of those surveyed said they plan to head to stores in order to shop this weekend.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to brave the crowds and fight for special deals, we’re here to help you out. While we definitely think it’s worth it, there are much easier ways to snag savings and enjoy huge discounts without even getting up out of bed. So, warm up the leftovers, stay in those PJs and follow along for our Black Friday 2018 online shopping guide.


You can price match and look for coupons online before purchasing.

Shopping online is great in that it allows you to instantly browse multiple sites at once to check the price of an item before buying it. To ensure you’re getting the best price, you can download a browser extension like Honey which will automatically search for the best price and any applicable coupons you might be able to use before checking out. It’s worth following stores on their social media accounts as well as they sometimes publish coupon codes during Black Friday sales.

You can find new deals as they happen.

In the world of online shopping, prices, discounts and deals can change rapidly. By doing away with the driving time to different stores, wasted time in long lines and the overall frustration that Black Friday can cause, you’ll be left with more time to stay up-to-date on the hottest new deals as they happen. It’s worth signing up to your favorite stores’ newsletters or downloading an app such as ShopSavvy to receive the latest Black Friday 2018 news.

You might be able to receive an abandoned cart discount.

Some stores will send you an email with an additional discount or special deal if they see that you have abandoned your online shopping cart before finalizing your purchase. If you are shopping online and selecting the items you want, try waiting to complete the purchase and seeing if the retailer sends you an email within 24 hours with an extra little something to incentivize you to click buy.

Deals start earlier online.

Not only can you take time to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family by choosing not to physically shop for Black Friday deals, but you might just be able to start online shopping a little earlier to snag the best price. At Staples, for example, customers can buy online starting on Thanksgiving Day and you can shop Macy’s Black Friday deals online all day Thanksgiving Day by visiting macys.com/blackfriday.

Savings on Your Black Friday Online Shopping

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