5 Shopping Apps with Rewards

By November 16, 2018Cash Back

Saving while spending might seem like a weird concept, but with numerous cashback apps that exist on the market today, it’s actually easier than you think. While they’re often divided into two categories, cashback apps and receipt scanning apps, they all offer you unique ways to save big on everyday purchases. Here are five apps that can help you add to your savings simply by shopping.



The ShopKick App was previously known for helping you earn cash simply by visiting stores and checking in on your phone. However, they’ve recently expanded their money-saving services by giving you cash back on specific items from specific retailers. In order to earn points, which are referred to as kicks, you’ll scan the barcode of the item. You can expect to earn around $.25 to $.50 cents per item scanned through this method. Or, you can connect your credit card and earn cash back on things you purchase with their partner stores.



This app is pretty versatile due to the various ways in which you can receive your rewards, as they allow you to cash out through PayPal, Upromise, or in the form of Starbucks, iTunes, or AMC Theater gift codes. Offering deals at over 100,000 locations, SavingStar works by linking your grocery store rewards cards and receiving your cash back automatically if you’ve purchased the items you selected.


Checkout 51

This app is worth a mention as it is one of the best apps to use in order to get paid for your grocery shopping. The app offers different deals every week that change every Thursday morning, but the rewards are often pretty big, sometimes up to $5 on one item. All you have to do is go grocery shopping like normal and upload your receipt if you’ve purchased an eligible item. They’ll put the cash back into your account and send you a check once you reach $20.



Belly is like one big customer loyalty card all rolled into one app. Their cashback rewards program works a bit differently than the others in that you have to download the app and scan the barcode, or your physical BellyCard, at participating stores that have a special Belly tablet. Once you check in, you start earning points that can be redeemed for rewards.


Target & Walmart

We’ll group these together just because we think it’s a great idea to check out specific stores’ apps to browse through their rewards in general. You can download Target’s Cartwheel app, for example, and select discounts from 5 to 50% off on certain items. All you have to do is scan the barcode of the item every time you shop and begin to reap the rewards. The Walmart Savings Catcher app works in a similar fashion and provides outstanding savings as well.


Saving Moolah No Matter Where You Shop

Along with using apps to help you save while shopping, you can also sign up for moolah, which will automatically track the prices of the things you purchase and look for a lower price. If we find a lower price within a given time frame, we’ll process the refund request for you and send you the cash, hassle-free, making for a great way to increase your savings no matter where you shop!

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