4 Items You Can Find Online to Make Your Summer Wardrobe Last Through Winter

One might assume that the more clothes you have in your closet the more options you’ll have to mix and match wardrobes. However, sticking to a few essential staples can not only help you make your summer wardrobe last through winter, it can save you money and ultimately lead to a more efficient decision-making process each morning.

  1. Staples for Year-Long Use

Everybody needs a few comfortable, well-fitted staples in their wardrobe, whether they’re shoes, skirts, or a great pair of jeans. By choosing a nice pair of shoes that can be casual and classy as well suitable for winter and summer temperatures, you can make your wardrobe last the whole year.

This also goes for skirts, pants, and a top that can be mixed with anything. We suggest choosing light, breathable material that can be worn in summer months without melting but paired with layers during the winter to stay warm. Macy’s is a great place to start your summer wardrobe search, as they often offer great deals and discounts at the beginning of each season.

  1. Sweaters as a Cinch

Even though the idea of wearing a sweater in August triple-digit heat sounds absolutely horrible, just hear us out. Your winter wardrobe is probably packed with cardigans and sweaters used to layer during the colder months. You can tie a light cardigan around your waist during the sunny summer days as a stylish cinch and use it to keep warm if you live somewhere that receives a cool breeze at night.

Amazon has a specially curated list of their editor’s top picks for light sweaters, and most of the items are eligible for Amazon Prime, which means you’ll save even more on the free two-day shipping.

  1. Button-Ups Are Your Best Friend

A casual denim button up from Target can be paired with just about anything – dresses, shirts, tank tops. Because button ups usually aren’t worn directly on the skin, they don’t wear down as fast and aren’t affected by the daunting summer sweat stains. Once winter comes, you just have to button it up and throw a jacket over it to stay warm. You can snag a stylish denim button up from Target for less than $20.

  1. Bulk Clothing to Save Time & Money

Alison Rice, a publisher for POPSUGAR, said this is one of her top style tips, noting that she usually buys her shoes in bulk twice a year with two or three trendy pairs during the June summer sales and a few in December. Buying clothes in bulk is a great way to cut down on online shipping costs as well as ensure you’ll have a replacement of your favorite item when the first one starts deteriorating.

Nordstrom is a great place to buy items such as shoes, jeans, and light jackets in bulk as they offer high-quality items that will last a while at decent prices. When buying in bulk it’s important to purchase quality items that you can get a lot of use out of. Try taking their fashion quiz to get an idea of your style for the summer and see which brands best suit you!

The Bottom Line

Make sure you’re shopping smart and have a few high-quality items that you love on rotation to make a wardrobe last throughout the entire year. By sticking to these four clothing items and shopping smart online, you’ll have a wardrobe that looks fresh and stylish no matter the season.